Speciality Products

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a brilliant option for promoting new products. Colour, numbers and winnings can be designed around the specials you have in mind for your business. Please note that designing and developing scratch cards is an intricate process, so planning ahead is essential when placing your order.

Paper Bags

Show off your eco-consciousness with paper bags for your store, conference or business. Paper bags are a trendy yet environment-friendly product that consumers will enjoy and be able to re-use. We can print in various sizes, colours and designs.

Gift Bags

We produce high quality gift bags for personal and commercial use. Our range of gift bags come in sizes A5 – A3, with rope handles. Make your gift bags stand out with a custom designed logo, with either a matte or gloss finish.


Let us design and print packaging that works for you. Make use of one of our hundreds of existing box dies and other packaging layouts. We can bring your ideas to life with trendy gift bags, boxes, envelopes and more.


Stickers are an easy way of sharing your brand with people. We produce high volume stickers in any shape or size. Speak to our graphic designers about creating the perfect eye-catching stickers.

Swing Tags

Whether you are a large clothing enterprize needing hundreds or thousands of tags per month, or just a designer with a single boutique fashion outlet; we can manufacture swing tags for you.