Artwork Specifications

General Guidelines

Preferred formats for printing is Adobe PDF, Illustrator, inDesign, Photoshop or Corel Draw or High Res JPEG

Before sending your files, make sure all fonts are converted to outlines (converted to outlines for Illustrator and PDF, converted to “shapes” for Photoshop, converted to “curves for CorelDraw.)

Adobe Illustrator:
Open File
In Your Main Menu Choose Select > All
In Your Main Menu Choose Type > Create Outlines

Adobe Photoshop:
Open File
Right click text layers
In the layer menu that pops up > Convert to SHAPES

Corel Draw:
Open File
In Your Main Menu Choose Edit > Select All > Text
In Your Main Menu Choose Arrange > Convert to Curves

Linked Graphics – Be sure to include or embed all of your placed / imported images when you send your artwork.

All images must be in CMYK color.

Make sure your artwork’s resolution is at least 300 dpi. This resolution will ensure that your design will appear crisp and sharp instead of blurry.

Make sure to include “bleed” with your artwork. Image “bleed” is where you want the image to fill a background completely to the edges of the card. The image must extend beyond the trim area so that color will go edge to edge if there is a slight variance in the trim cuts. Image bleed is defined in each template.